Derek Smart…who the BEEP is Derek Smart?

If I had a list of names of the people I cannot stand, this idiot, Derek Smart would be in the top 20. His face appears in the information for Star Citizen, on Bing and I find it very annoying.

So why is that bad thing you might be wondering?

Mr Smart

Mr Smart, is the first person I came to view as a professional troll, some years back now. He is a person, who isn’t only presenting themselves a professional (he fails badly at that), but they use their position (resources, knowledge, contacts) to attack and go on an offensive that serves no obvious purpose. If he has an agenda, goals or dreams related to his activity in recent years. Then it is very likely that his motivation is emotional and not professional at all – unless he has serious issues with his moral-compass when it comes to furthering his career.

Derek is not a big stake-holder (if one at all) in Star Citizen (AAA game in development) or Cloud Imperium Games (the developing studio) and so an honest and acceptable source of motivation is missing…always has been. His activity has involved very publicly outspoken accusations that are slowly being disproved as the games development progresses. His activity, was so big that he was the talking point of the entire community for a long time.

Bing Search

Currently (June 2020) Google searches display a very official set of data for a Video game. The only names appearing, are staff, including Chris Roberts the original designer and Chairman. Bing, however, displays not only Chris Roberts, but some well known A class actors who appear in Squadron 42 (single player campaign and sister game to Star Citizen) and you guessed it…Derek Smart.

Star Citizen Related People in Bing searches June 2020

I admit that in a really crappy way, he is related to the games online data but he is not related to the game as a product or the business creating it or the team hired to create it. There is no professional connection between them other than court action.

Between September and October 2015, The Escapist magazine wrote a pair of highly controversial articles citing various sources who claimed that the project was in trouble.After Roberts wrote a scathing response to the articles, Cloud Imperium Games threatened the site and its owners with legal action which never materialized. In March 2017, Derek Smart wrote that both parties had settled the matter out of court.

So I have used the “Suggest an edit” feature on Bing, to point this out and see if it actually changes on the basis that when people search for a product or company. They aren’t looking for a history of legal action or expect to see distantly related people appear in the results. Then I thought, let’s blog it, blog my feelings about Bing searches mixing an almost not-connected person among A class celebrities who you probably respect and the Chairman.

As a developer I picture myself being in Chris Roberts shoes and having that prats face separate me from Gillian Anderson…come on it’s Gillian Anderson!

Grand Theft Auto V Story-mode Complete

This is not a review…I repeat this is not a review!

I’ve just completed the story of Grand Theft Auto 5 and plan to make a similar post each time I finish a story based game. I really enjoyed the games story-mode but I feel I’ve grown out of all the other stuff or just grown-up. I’d like to buy GTA VI but it may need to have some innovation or game-play similar to what I’m going to describe in a moment.

In short it’s a thumbs up from me and I did only go through the story-line, doing the minimum requirements of the game i.e. not buying up the city, not buying the best cars and only upgrading my weapons really. I’m no longer into getting a tick in all the boxes (the addictive stuff) like I used to but for players who are, there must days worth of play after completing the story.

Mission Replay

I was tempted by the idea of replaying missions I just didn’t feel it was required to get my fun out of the game. Despite this I think the developers are onto something with this system that encourages players to aim for gold, actually I got a few bronze so could have replayed and got silver. I just didn’t see any reason to and that is a flaw which could be improved in future titles.

You can imaging how short my play-time has been if I settled for bronze and didn’t repeat anything. Most missions are very easy, completed first time, with silly accidents being the main cause of failing rather than enemy NPC. I must be an easy going player and I’m really for the next game.

Steam Rating Agreed

The Steam rating for GTA V is 9/10 which I can agree with. I was at 8/10 but considering the additional online experience and the amount of voice acting that has gone into the story (just something I appreciated). I felt it gets a point for those things combined but the game lacks a little innovation to get 10/10. I think it deserves 9/10 and for me the missing point is easy to explain.

I feel the story could have involved a longer climb to success – making the player raise funds and increase power. That could have involved controlling gang territories and increasing the number of foot soldiers available to take on enemies – rather than a small group of all-men (yes no woman). Instead the player uses a very small group to take out a very large number of security forces especially in the last couple of missions – it’s a bit too action-movie for me.

Instead the player could have had the requirement of generating more contacts through favors and accessing special resources by become friends of characters throughout the city, or the owner of locations in the city. Then we when the player feels ready, they can attempt a mission with the expectation of losing sub-characters, basically a realistic level of casualties on both sides of every fight. This approach could be delivered to the GTA community without losing the freedom or the option to play in a very relaxed way that gets bronze.

GTA Six Prediction

I believe if GTA VI allows the player to kill large numbers of security forces without hiring help that is carefully attained through smaller missions. Then it will not achieve 10/10. My idea would generate hours more play and give a reason to attain silver at least because the higher the achievement the more the player would unlock in the city.

All building up to final, harder missions.

My Twitch Development Upgrade by NuSphere

An increase in support has allowed me to subscribe (annual payments) to NuSphere – the creators of the PhpEd software. I use PhpEd to work on WordPress, creating plugins for like TwitchPress and was using version 16. Thanks to a surge in backing by some fantastic people on I was able to update my installation to version 19 – I know right, a big jump!

I’m working hard to respond to the recent show of support by working on an interesting updates and making further improvements to the projects management to ensure professional standards increase.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

My first remade game has put a smile on my face and strangely, there are minor annoyances that create…positive feelings in me! So confusing but let me explain this very personal journey of horror and sleep deprivation inside a half-decent game review…

Weekend Nightmares and Bloody Mondays

I was born 10 years after The Exorcist and a year before The Nightmare on Elm Street. So, even an apparently harmless trip to the video rental store exposed me to the graphic images and suggestive phrases of horror…now in colour!

We might say, it was all part of an incidental regime of freaky content that desensitized our generation to horror and…filth. TV rarely shocked or stirred emotion in me personally – I don’t remember a nightmare based on anything I’ve ever watched. My imagination really let me down!

Then there was playing the nightmare, in the form of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Hours longer than a movie, the pressure of completion without saving and updated graphics…like candy to the brain and all the time our TV was projecting bloody scenes into our minds.

There’s a point to my trip down a zombie-filled memory-lane. I’m not just reminiscing. What I’m about to reveal touches on issues like the effects of gaming, violence-inducing gaming and gaming addiction.


Even the desensitized teen-me, recognized the original Resident Evil as being something that could finally freak-me-out. One of my close friends felt exactly the same, so we set-about completing Resident Evil (original) multiple times, in the first weekend it was released. This kind of gaming session begun on Friday after School (we wasted no time between the bell ringing and putting the disk into the Playstation) and would be repeated when Resident Evil 2 was released. We didn’t even need to discuss it – I’m not even sure how the game made it’s a way to the Playstation. We just sort of, found ourselves watching the intro after School.

Racoon Police Department entrance and lobby.
Racoon Police Department lobby is the first location we compare between Resident Evil 2 and RE2: Remake

We smashed the play-times, got the perks (I remember a quad launcher or something) and on Sunday we finally slept. Those were the responsibility-free days that allowed us to consume any game. We didn’t scratch for satisfaction to rid an itch to play a great title like RE – we cut that itch out with a survival knife!

Resident Evil titles were shelved within a month. We didn’t dare try to re-capture the epicness of doing more all-nighters. We were able to move on, completely satisfied.

Don’t all gamers hope for that feeling?


I can’t speak for my friend, but I didn’t go to School quite the same the Monday after our sleep-deprived weekends surviving the mansion, then just two years later, a Police Station in Racoon City. My mind would be full of flashbacks and it made my day interesting.

But then on one occasion, in French, we were giving a set of playing cards. Do not ask me what it had to do with the lesson. All I remember is when my buddy sitting beside me turned the red of hearts over…I saw red!

Not as in anger, but actual red blood over the table. It was pooled and dripping off the end. It was vivid and the cause was plainly obvious. At that moment, I knew why and I took notice because it was disturbing. I was smart enough to know, that it wasn’t healthy. Turns out, I didn’t just shelf the discs for two fantastic games, I shelved the entire series and followed two decades of RE games development from a distance…

R.P.D. entrance in Resident Evil 2: Remake
R.P.D. entrance in the remake

until Resident Evil 2: Remake

Resident Evil 2 Short-Review

Capcom has managed to re-use a lot of what made the first two Resident Evil games so great. The ease of controls, the simplification of handling the environment and enemies. The pattern and nature of triggered events feel original in a good way i.e. the helicopter crash and how simplified it is but it achieves all it needs to.

Through Fussy-Player Glasses

Alongside my nostalgia and a wish that the remake maintained the original heart and soul of RE2. Is this nagging, experienced, modernised, fussy-gamer who has been spoiled by many years of innovation in gaming. Would it be fair to expect all of that within a title that is obviously trying to keep the old alive…even if a new generation just doesn’t get it!

Mere minutes into play, there was something missing and it was realized when a zombie got it’s decaying fingers on me. I was reminded of how simple the early titles were. The very moment that zombie easily got a good grip of me and sunk its teeth into my neck – I don’t remember the original being that simple or feeling this helpless.

Anticipating a friendly hint to which keys I needed to bash to get Mr Rotting off (preferably before the bite), not seeing any suggestions at all, I tried my own combo of keys and mouse presses – panic!

Claire takes aim at a Licker

Like that first occasion, I would later find myself being bitten in the same place many times and could do very little about it…without a knife which we don’t always have handy and they break! The point I’m trying to make is that while trying to accept the continuation of old approaches I find myself saying things like, “Come on this is dumb!”

To top it off, there is no ability to crush a skull under the boot. This exciting animation offered in other games and a lack of self-defence techniques basically ensure that the player is constantly bitten or needs to use ammo. Luckily we like to hear all about the Umbrella Corporation and live for cut-scenes. Minor annoyances are forgotten because of the story-line.

Do you know that 5% of Resident Evil 2 buyers on Steam never made it to Racoon City Police Department?

Broken Glasses

Let’s say those fussy-player glasses were broken during the first hour of play. All is forgiven and we accept the game as is. I would need to point out that the latest title forces us to get up close to danger and puts us face-to-face with the undead. But it’s alright, it’s part of the design because it’s constant and first-aid consumables are found at a rate that maintains a level of pressure expected in a Resident Evil game.

This is Capcoms brilliance!

They added the fixed-camera-angle and with it, we can appreciate the game’s design far more than we could have with an outdated approach. Capcom also makes fantastic use of the camera by letting us see those gory bites, up close and that makes it feel very personal. Game-over looks nasty because we see our throats being ripped out – yeah!

Accept that frequent physical contact with dead Police officers is the exact experience Capcom designed and it gets a little less frustrating. I also found with well-placed shots, there as enough ammo to kill the targets that posed the greater risk.

The Future Came

The future really has come along since the original two games. We don’t even talk about the World Wide Web any more – it’s not cool!

What I did find cool was being able to Google when I got stuck. There I was looking all around the map and running from room to room trying to figure out the next piece of the bigger puzzle – the thing that opens another door (probably a key) that might be in a locker and the locker is…locked but the keypad is missing a key, where is the key?

I really got stuck and I decided that I wasn’t playing for the original experience which included a lot of that. I remembered how we ran about for 30 minutes really stuck during the first play-through, back when we needed to buy a copy of PlayStation games magazine to get a decent walkthrough and ended up using it once or maybe twice. So I thought, ‘We have YouTube for that now’ and it won’t cost £3.99 or a tree!

I’ve got kids now, I don’t have time to waste and so I’m glad I turned to Google. It felt really good because there is little to be gained by wearing holes in the RPD carpets, trying to find, in my case an “electronic-gadget” that was laying in the open. So much so I kept over-looking it.

My advice is to use the web, avoid being stuck too long and enjoy moving on in the story. Progress feels good and there is an additional play-mode to try and the challenges of completing it faster, better and on a higher difficulty. That said, I am trying hard not to have to do it again.

New Comers

Prepare to be immersed in a key part of the Resident Evil story. The chapter that showed fans that the first RE wasn’t a fluke and Capcom was onto something huge! As the player of the remake, you have the opportunity to understand what we felt back in January 1988 when RE2 as published. The improved graphics, filled-gaps in the storyline, deeper characters, more immersive sounds. All those improvements will simply match the level of quality your senses are accustomed to when gaming, so that you can immerse yourself and experience the same world as the original RE2.

Umbrella Corporation – The creator of the G-Virus

That world is Racoon City, where you will play the role of Leon Kennedy near the middle of the entire time-line. Months after the first outbreak in the Arklay Mountains and weeks away from the entire destruction of the city. You will play on a key part of the time-line, days after the breakout in Arklay County finally reaches the city. These events create the ultimate scenario for fans of a good old zombie-outbreak. In RE2 we might say goodbye to the modern open-world approach or the type of features seen in modern survival games but we say hello to a well-structured story-line that we play and witness through fantastic cut-scenes.


Capcom accomplished exactly what they set out to do with this remake. I didn’t feel the need to review the game as an original, the original reviews and evidence of an amazing game are years old. All we need is confirmation that the experience is worth every dollar and that players like me actually have something to gain from buying it.

Leon stares at the old typewrite wondering what the hell it is!

It is a clear yes from me, hell I’ll gift it to people over the years. Resident Evil and RE2 are in my top 10 favourite 20th Century games. The remake has been added to my 21st-century list – it feels so right.

Star Citizen Free – All Week Long

While it’s true that there is no cure for an advanced case of Star Citizen Fanboism, my actual current flu is hammering my enthusiasm just enough to keep everything in perspective. As a gamer who wants to do the gaming-community a service (and still get some clicks on my referral link). I’m in a good place (mentally) to tell you about Star Citizen and it’s sister game Squadron 42…without too much hype.

Free-Fly Week Starting 28th October 2019

If you’ve already done some reading about Star Citizen (SC) and have been waiting for a free-fly week then you can sign-up here for 5000 bonus credits or if your wondering what SC is…I highly recommended reading my brief introduction and make contact with me.

About Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the biggest crowd-funded game in history. This has made news headlines around the world. The project is ambitious, requiring offices in the US, UK and Germany. A team of over 300 are divided between different aspects of the game i.e. first-person-shooter, space-ship design, NPC AI, flight physics, economy and lots more.

Star Citizen Space Station

The game is a projection of humanity and Earth (not yet in the game but in development) 900 years into the future. The man with the dream is Chris Roberts and instructs his team to create a game that he refers to as a “living, breathing…universe”.

SC will have persistence, game-play mechanics that other developers never dared to try i.e. physical cargo, health status with the ability to suffer a heart-attack and plenty more. The project makes use of new techniques and services, including Amazon Inc advanced server technology.

As A Star Citizen You Will…

  • Begin your journey in a space station (Port Olisar)
  • Look out the window and see players flying all sizes of ships
  • Find stores to buy ship upgrades and personal weapons
  • Request your own ship (central consoles)
  • Board your ship (hold F for interaction) and gasp at the interior
  • Crash a few times while your learn to fly
  • Maybe fly to a planet and fly through atmosphere
  • Realize there are no loading screens
  • You might land safely, tell me if you do
  • You might get shot on leaving your ship, tell me if you do
  • You will…have fun

Before I typed that list I was initially thinking, tell the people about Mining, Bounty-hunting, running cargo deliveries and mentioned all the other cool trades/careers in development.

The Prospector Ship – Just one of multiple ways to mine raw materials in Star Citizen

You won’t do all of that today though, you’ll do what most appreciative players do and spend precious minutes staring at the small details of ships i.e. the little warning decals, the scratches and dents on the more rugged ships, the busy looking cockpits and you may even get in and out of your pilot seat a few times just to watch the animations.

Explore More Tomorrow

The SC universe that has a scale of 1/5 including planets/moons. That can wait until tomorrow or even next week if it’s all a lot to take in – some players feel that way. Just focus on deciding if the game feels right for you. Press F1 and asborb what the game is suggesting through missions, a galaxy map, loadouts for your character and ship.

Then take it from there always remember that the game is in production, it is an alpha that is trying to impressive you but will sometimes the exciting Alpha 3.7 will annoy us all anyway.

Share Your Week In Star Citizen

I would like to know about your first week in Star Citizen – so do the developers. You can let me know in my own LOLinDark Discord server. If your still not convinced, read on and learn why I’ve begun to blog about Star Citizen after following the game since 2013!

Excitement of Alpha 3.7

Never did I type “Excitement of Alpha 3.6” and for good reason. Things have changed though and yesterdays complaints are cookies for trolls. As member of the games testing community, a group known as the Evocati and under official/legal NDA. I experienced, bug after bug, after bloody bug!

I signed-up for that and still found that some of the bugs made playing the game impossible. I decided to take a break and avoid spoiling the entire experience for myself. I don’t remember exactly what pulled me back into the game a few weeks back but I have been testing and submitting bug reports with joy ever since. The excitement of Alpha 3.7 is real and this is the right time for me to begin inviting big numbers into the game.

Roberts Space Industries

This game throws a lot of jargon in a players direction but it tells us how deep the game is and within the depth is something for everyone!

Roberts Space Industries (sharing it’s name with the games founder) is the first puzzling element your about to discover. Almost sounds like a whole other game or maybe it’s the company developing Star Citizen. Actually, it’s neither. RSI is a ship-productions corporation that exists within the universe (verse). There are many of these corporations but Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the actual developers, has setup RSI as a real-life connection between in-game fantasy and reality.

Offical Website Logo “Roberts Space Industries”

This is one of many attempts to create an immersive experience and the games official website is not “” it is so now you see what I’m mentioning it. Try to absorb the effort being made by CIG and you will become immersed in a world where you can escape during weekends.

RSI even sends us a transaction receipt by real email when we purchase something using game-credits!

Squadron 42

Squadron 42 is the sister game of Star Citizen (you can see why I feel new players need a little early advice) which has to be purchased separated (wasn’t always the case) but unlike the online persistent universe, this is an offline single player campaign. A number of celebrities appear in SQ42 including American film actress Gillian Anderson, better known as Scully in the X-Files. She is looking fantastic at 51 and it is reflected by her in-game character.

Gillian Anderson American Film Actress in Squadron 42 by Cloud Imperium Games

The investment in Squadron 42 is a dream come true for the backers (like me and maybe you) who had to make an investment of faith first. SQ42 will be released before Star Citizen and in Q3 2020. Making this a great time to join the community actually.

Personal Thought: I try not to read too much about Squadron 42 but what we all know straight away is that our role in the game will be as a uniformed (like the one Gillian is sporting) member of the United Empire of Earth. Our UEE is the good against evil in SC and the organisations headquarters are in New York of Earth.

Again, Earth has not been released in the verse and I suspect it’s being held back for Squadron 42 release-impact.

Star Citizen 3.8 Coming Soon – Time to Play

Cloud Imperium Games are the proverbial gods of a PC game universe known as Star Citizen and their 2,386,973 followers (an epic bunch of nerds) are forward-looking gamer’s who’s devotion never goes unanswered. Trolls hate it!

At this point in the creation of Star Citizen (a project in alpha phase), these godly game developers have made progress on a new planet known as, microTech. This exciting new feature, an entire world, will be released in 3.8 which is expected in Q4 2019 – Soon!

This is just one of the reasons I felt I had to blog and call for curious gamer’s to finally make a move into the verse, by signing-up on the Roberts Space Industries website (official site for Star Citizen) today. First, let me express to you why it’s time to invest a little of your gaming hours in Star Citizen…

Soon TM graphic with spacial background. Part of a community joke about delayed features.
Image created by Brigant of the Star Citizen Community

Lets Slow Down

Major releases have many things to look forward to and CIG have plans to implement game-play we’ve never seen before. So before I dive into the specifics of the upcoming planet, microTech. I would like to bring your attention to just some of the very important tasks planned by the devs.

3.7 Brought Us Back

Version 3.7 has been one of the best periods ever experienced by the game’s fans. As a member of Evocati (one of just 2500 selected testers under NDA), I have been highly focused on the game’s faults and thus my opinion has some basis when I predict 3.8 to be a game-changer for both players and CIG as a company who needs to profit. It’s my feelings that have brought me here to blog like this for the first time, that is how good this game is getting and constant chatter from returning players confirms that I share the same feelings with thousands of players.

More Performance Optimization

This isn’t a new thing as every major patch comes with performance improvements. It’s just an important reminder that the developers aren’t finished optimizing the game. I test SC on a 1050ti rig with just 16gb, to determine the true minimum specs. If I see increased frame-rate in 3.8 on this rig, my jaw will drop because the truth is I’m getting more out of this cheap eBay rig than I expected.

Ozone Layers

Not something I’ve seen mentioned but part of the Atmosphere Tech improvements includes “additional density layers”. Their goal is to create natural ozone layer and sunsets – which we all gasp at already.

Shadows 2.0

Travelling at high speeds close to the surface of a planet is expected to get more breathtaking with significant improvements to terrain shadows. There is another mention of sun setting becoming even better and the technology being implemented in 3.8 will allow even further improvements to quality and realism, much later on.

Fog In-Progress

CIG is a third of the way through some fog technology for planets. Their description states “intensify local ambience”. I think we can all expect some eerie planets on this games final release. As a space game, SC already has some impressive planetary surfaces for its first-person experience. Some decent fog and eventual alien wildlife will be an additional layer of depth to any situation a player finds themselves in.

Alright, so the graphics will get better, now your thinking I’m taking the piss, your wondering where, when and what the really good stuff is because surely I’ve not made you scroll-down for fog and shadows have I?!

Imaging a fog falling over this forest as you stalk a criminal or search for a rare form of fungi in a research mission.

Missile Launcher by Apocalypse Arms

Boom! I’ve never found a player who doesn’t love a good missile launcher and on its release, the Animus by Apocalypse Arms (a corporation in lore) will be very well tested indeed!

I’m lucky to be part of an org that will, without a doubt, create some fantastic footage of these new weapons taking down big ships…just to familiarize ourselves with its power! Join an org likes mines if you want to blow stuff up in a timely manner.

The developers are halfway through the production of this sweet piece of kit…

The Animus by Cloud Imperium Games

Medical Ship: Drake Cutlass Red

Star Citizen will offer various medical facilities in the form of ships, stations and bases. The Drake Cutlass Red is the combat medic ship that will focus on stabilizing patients rather than healing them (another ship focuses on that) and it needs re-worked before finding its way into the game for 3.8. My guess is, it won’t be in the initial 3.8 major updates.

Cutlass Red in a hangar with an intense scanner on its roof for pin-pointing causalities

The Cutlass Red (sister to the Cutlass Black, my favorite general-duties ship) is the ship that will offer medics a high reward for entering risky zones, rescuing badly injured players or/and NPC, stopping them from bleeding-out (already a thing) and then taking them to a hospital which could consist of a carrier or a station.

This is when role-play will become natural and perma-death of a players character (a whole other topic) becomes the key factor to incentive’s players to stay alive i.e. putting out distress signals with the limb that works and setting a credits reward for tempted medics.

Here is a three-year-old Text-To-Speech Video that takes 16 minutes just to cover injury and death in the verse. The Cutlass Red is mentioned in this video and so we can now see that all the plans, promises and dreams by Chris Roberts (chairman of CIG) are being stuck to.

Published in 2014 as part of my Star Citizen Engineering range that turned a lot of text into speech

FPS: Close Combat

We should experience a stealthier style of play eventually, I assume the addition of close combat is part of that ambition. Right now, nobodies getting near anyone for a sucker-punch. So I’m more intrigued as to how and when we’ll use close combats moves than I am excited at this space-ship games first-person-shooter becoming deeper and more complex. Although, that is pretty darn cool too!

Back to Planet microTech

I’ve mentioned about half of the key improvements coming in 3.8 and if your now interested in Star Citizen for the first time after reading this shortlist, you should read the rest. I recommend you begin your SC journey soon and here’s why…

The introduction of a new planet in the existing Stanton System will attract thousands of players who rarely play the alpha – they are simply waiting for it to be complete. The release of a new planet is always too tempting to ignore though so we can expect an influx of players. The additional population usually means more support for newer players and that is key when playing a complex game that is expected to have bugs.

What kind of name is…microTech?

Star Citizen is rich with lore and the lore explains how the largest corporations take ownership of entire planets. It is not uncommon for a corporation to put all its eggs in one basket by bringing its entire operation to a single planet, to maximize efficiency. These corporations officially name the planet after themselves – it’s a status thing that suggests success and strength.

The new microTech planet due in 3.8 is totally frozen and its infrastructure is very different from anything already seen with glass domes and a color scheme of grey/silver buildings with blue lighting that basically maintain the chill-factor.

The microTech planet includes three natural satellites (moons) and just like the planet, each can be flown to, landed on and explored. All without loading sequences. That is something we’ve been used to in SC for a long time now and yet many gamer’s struggle to believe it.

New Babbage

The first location on microTech is New Babbage and if you’re growing keen to become a Star Citizen. This is the first place you will want to explore because the chat and the latest videos will focus on New Babbage. So don’t forget its name and as soon as you learn how to. Plot a course and Quantum Jump to microTech. Then fly your way down to New Babbage, press F1 to request landing permission and with newbie luck, you will land safely.

You can be a part of that buzz and discover what new development looks like in SC – important when deciding if it’s worth investing in.


This post is my way of bringing attention to a positive state of play in Star Citizen. I would never have posted 3.5 in this manner, by 3.6 I felt it was time for a short break and it would be good to skip an entire version. I’ve returned refreshed, submitted a bunch of bug reports and completed a variety of missions without issue.

There are some groundbreaking game-play features and mechanics coming for this game and my list above is half of what is planned for 3.8 alone. I do not pretend to be an authority on the game’s progress. I’ve taken my information from official pages including the development roadmap and I suggest continuing there.

Logitech GHub Won’t Install

Not that long ago I decided that one of my rigs would be 100% Logitech…and then I begun to have problems. I’m still having them!

Logitech GHub Won’t Install

I have had GHub installed but decided I want to move it from my SSD and make room on their for apps that really need an SSD…like Star Citizen. It seems uninstallation leaves a trace that prevents a new installation.

Logitech G Hub will not install Hovering and Landing

1. Scary Registry Stuff 

Most solutions I read about, involve deleting registry entries. I’m familiar with this and it’s not that big a deal if you only delete the entries that are applicable to the software being removed. Still, everyone types a disclaimer like “Do this at your own RISK!” when giving registry advice…except from me! 

Check this path for an LGHUB folder and remove that, so I was told and have done…


2. Abruptly Give-up 

I’m not usually one to give-up and the rising sun has often shone in my window after a night of troubleshooting. This time giving-up is different because a very nice Reddit user known as MiksteR_Rdy has a very convincing solution, they said…

Solution: DON’T use Ghub. Ghub should still be in Alpha, it’s literally a piece of crap of a software. Use LGS (Logitech Gaming Software). It’s been ripening for years, it works. It’s basically the predecessor. No idea why they felt the need to go for a new piece of software AND take it out of beta when it was still broken as fuck.

So my troubleshooting has come to an early ending. The only reason I wanted to use GHub was to discover possible benefits with the X52 HOTAS which I doubt anyway. I will try again in future, when GHub has been “repening for years”.

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Why do this?

  • Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog?
  • Because it will help you focus you own ideas about your blog and what you’d like to do with it.

The post can be short or long, a personal intro to your life or a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of your the types of things you hope to publish.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

You’re not locked into any of this; one of the wonderful things about blogs is how they constantly evolve as we learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why you started, and articulating your goals may just give you a few other post ideas.

Can’t think how to get started? Just write the first thing that pops into your head. Anne Lamott, author of a book on writing we love, says that you need to give yourself permission to write a “crappy first draft”. Anne makes a great point — just start writing, and worry about editing it later.

When you’re ready to publish, give your post three to five tags that describe your blog’s focus — writing, photography, fiction, parenting, food, cars, movies, sports, whatever. These tags will help others who care about your topics find you in the Reader. Make sure one of the tags is “zerotohero,” so other new bloggers can find you, too.

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