Logitech GHub Won’t Install

Not that long ago I decided that one of my rigs would be 100% Logitech…and then I begun to have problems. I’m still having them!

Logitech GHub Won’t Install

I have had GHub installed but decided I want to move it from my SSD and make room on their for apps that really need an SSD…like Star Citizen. It seems uninstallation leaves a trace that prevents a new installation.

Logitech G Hub will not install Hovering and Landing

1. Scary Registry Stuff 

Most solutions I read about, involve deleting registry entries. I’m familiar with this and it’s not that big a deal if you only delete the entries that are applicable to the software being removed. Still, everyone types a disclaimer like “Do this at your own RISK!” when giving registry advice…except from me! 

Check this path for an LGHUB folder and remove that, so I was told and have done…


2. Abruptly Give-up 

I’m not usually one to give-up and the rising sun has often shone in my window after a night of troubleshooting. This time giving-up is different because a very nice Reddit user known as MiksteR_Rdy has a very convincing solution, they said…

Solution: DON’T use Ghub. Ghub should still be in Alpha, it’s literally a piece of crap of a software. Use LGS (Logitech Gaming Software). It’s been ripening for years, it works. It’s basically the predecessor. No idea why they felt the need to go for a new piece of software AND take it out of beta when it was still broken as fuck.

So my troubleshooting has come to an early ending. The only reason I wanted to use GHub was to discover possible benefits with the X52 HOTAS which I doubt anyway. I will try again in future, when GHub has been “repening for years”.

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The developer of the TwitchPress plugin created for streamers. I play Star Citizen to relax right now and I invite you to join me in what is one of the most epic games ever created.

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