Star Citizen 3.8 Coming Soon – Time to Play

Cloud Imperium Games are the proverbial gods of a PC game universe known as Star Citizen and their 2,386,973 followers (an epic bunch of nerds) are forward-looking gamer’s who’s devotion never goes unanswered. Trolls hate it!

At this point in the creation of Star Citizen (a project in alpha phase), these godly game developers have made progress on a new planet known as, microTech. This exciting new feature, an entire world, will be released in 3.8 which is expected in Q4 2019 – Soon!

This is just one of the reasons I felt I had to blog and call for curious gamer’s to finally make a move into the verse, by signing-up on the Roberts Space Industries website (official site for Star Citizen) today. First, let me express to you why it’s time to invest a little of your gaming hours in Star Citizen…

Soon TM graphic with spacial background. Part of a community joke about delayed features.
Image created by Brigant of the Star Citizen Community

Lets Slow Down

Major releases have many things to look forward to and CIG have plans to implement game-play we’ve never seen before. So before I dive into the specifics of the upcoming planet, microTech. I would like to bring your attention to just some of the very important tasks planned by the devs.

3.7 Brought Us Back

Version 3.7 has been one of the best periods ever experienced by the game’s fans. As a member of Evocati (one of just 2500 selected testers under NDA), I have been highly focused on the game’s faults and thus my opinion has some basis when I predict 3.8 to be a game-changer for both players and CIG as a company who needs to profit. It’s my feelings that have brought me here to blog like this for the first time, that is how good this game is getting and constant chatter from returning players confirms that I share the same feelings with thousands of players.

More Performance Optimization

This isn’t a new thing as every major patch comes with performance improvements. It’s just an important reminder that the developers aren’t finished optimizing the game. I test SC on a 1050ti rig with just 16gb, to determine the true minimum specs. If I see increased frame-rate in 3.8 on this rig, my jaw will drop because the truth is I’m getting more out of this cheap eBay rig than I expected.

Ozone Layers

Not something I’ve seen mentioned but part of the Atmosphere Tech improvements includes “additional density layers”. Their goal is to create natural ozone layer and sunsets – which we all gasp at already.

Shadows 2.0

Travelling at high speeds close to the surface of a planet is expected to get more breathtaking with significant improvements to terrain shadows. There is another mention of sun setting becoming even better and the technology being implemented in 3.8 will allow even further improvements to quality and realism, much later on.

Fog In-Progress

CIG is a third of the way through some fog technology for planets. Their description states “intensify local ambience”. I think we can all expect some eerie planets on this games final release. As a space game, SC already has some impressive planetary surfaces for its first-person experience. Some decent fog and eventual alien wildlife will be an additional layer of depth to any situation a player finds themselves in.

Alright, so the graphics will get better, now your thinking I’m taking the piss, your wondering where, when and what the really good stuff is because surely I’ve not made you scroll-down for fog and shadows have I?!

Imaging a fog falling over this forest as you stalk a criminal or search for a rare form of fungi in a research mission.

Missile Launcher by Apocalypse Arms

Boom! I’ve never found a player who doesn’t love a good missile launcher and on its release, the Animus by Apocalypse Arms (a corporation in lore) will be very well tested indeed!

I’m lucky to be part of an org that will, without a doubt, create some fantastic footage of these new weapons taking down big ships…just to familiarize ourselves with its power! Join an org likes mines if you want to blow stuff up in a timely manner.

The developers are halfway through the production of this sweet piece of kit…

The Animus by Cloud Imperium Games

Medical Ship: Drake Cutlass Red

Star Citizen will offer various medical facilities in the form of ships, stations and bases. The Drake Cutlass Red is the combat medic ship that will focus on stabilizing patients rather than healing them (another ship focuses on that) and it needs re-worked before finding its way into the game for 3.8. My guess is, it won’t be in the initial 3.8 major updates.

Cutlass Red in a hangar with an intense scanner on its roof for pin-pointing causalities

The Cutlass Red (sister to the Cutlass Black, my favorite general-duties ship) is the ship that will offer medics a high reward for entering risky zones, rescuing badly injured players or/and NPC, stopping them from bleeding-out (already a thing) and then taking them to a hospital which could consist of a carrier or a station.

This is when role-play will become natural and perma-death of a players character (a whole other topic) becomes the key factor to incentive’s players to stay alive i.e. putting out distress signals with the limb that works and setting a credits reward for tempted medics.

Here is a three-year-old Text-To-Speech Video that takes 16 minutes just to cover injury and death in the verse. The Cutlass Red is mentioned in this video and so we can now see that all the plans, promises and dreams by Chris Roberts (chairman of CIG) are being stuck to.

Published in 2014 as part of my Star Citizen Engineering range that turned a lot of text into speech

FPS: Close Combat

We should experience a stealthier style of play eventually, I assume the addition of close combat is part of that ambition. Right now, nobodies getting near anyone for a sucker-punch. So I’m more intrigued as to how and when we’ll use close combats moves than I am excited at this space-ship games first-person-shooter becoming deeper and more complex. Although, that is pretty darn cool too!

Back to Planet microTech

I’ve mentioned about half of the key improvements coming in 3.8 and if your now interested in Star Citizen for the first time after reading this shortlist, you should read the rest. I recommend you begin your SC journey soon and here’s why…

The introduction of a new planet in the existing Stanton System will attract thousands of players who rarely play the alpha – they are simply waiting for it to be complete. The release of a new planet is always too tempting to ignore though so we can expect an influx of players. The additional population usually means more support for newer players and that is key when playing a complex game that is expected to have bugs.

What kind of name is…microTech?

Star Citizen is rich with lore and the lore explains how the largest corporations take ownership of entire planets. It is not uncommon for a corporation to put all its eggs in one basket by bringing its entire operation to a single planet, to maximize efficiency. These corporations officially name the planet after themselves – it’s a status thing that suggests success and strength.

The new microTech planet due in 3.8 is totally frozen and its infrastructure is very different from anything already seen with glass domes and a color scheme of grey/silver buildings with blue lighting that basically maintain the chill-factor.

The microTech planet includes three natural satellites (moons) and just like the planet, each can be flown to, landed on and explored. All without loading sequences. That is something we’ve been used to in SC for a long time now and yet many gamer’s struggle to believe it.

New Babbage

The first location on microTech is New Babbage and if you’re growing keen to become a Star Citizen. This is the first place you will want to explore because the chat and the latest videos will focus on New Babbage. So don’t forget its name and as soon as you learn how to. Plot a course and Quantum Jump to microTech. Then fly your way down to New Babbage, press F1 to request landing permission and with newbie luck, you will land safely.

You can be a part of that buzz and discover what new development looks like in SC – important when deciding if it’s worth investing in.


This post is my way of bringing attention to a positive state of play in Star Citizen. I would never have posted 3.5 in this manner, by 3.6 I felt it was time for a short break and it would be good to skip an entire version. I’ve returned refreshed, submitted a bunch of bug reports and completed a variety of missions without issue.

There are some groundbreaking game-play features and mechanics coming for this game and my list above is half of what is planned for 3.8 alone. I do not pretend to be an authority on the game’s progress. I’ve taken my information from official pages including the development roadmap and I suggest continuing there.

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The developer of the TwitchPress plugin created for streamers. I play Star Citizen to relax right now and I invite you to join me in what is one of the most epic games ever created.

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