Star Citizen Free – All Week Long

While it’s true that there is no cure for an advanced case of Star Citizen Fanboism, my actual current flu is hammering my enthusiasm just enough to keep everything in perspective. As a gamer who wants to do the gaming-community a service (and still get some clicks on my referral link). I’m in a good place (mentally) to tell you about Star Citizen and it’s sister game Squadron 42…without too much hype.

Free-Fly Week Starting 28th October 2019

If you’ve already done some reading about Star Citizen (SC) and have been waiting for a free-fly week then you can sign-up here for 5000 bonus credits or if your wondering what SC is…I highly recommended reading my brief introduction and make contact with me.

About Star Citizen

Star Citizen is the biggest crowd-funded game in history. This has made news headlines around the world. The project is ambitious, requiring offices in the US, UK and Germany. A team of over 300 are divided between different aspects of the game i.e. first-person-shooter, space-ship design, NPC AI, flight physics, economy and lots more.

Star Citizen Space Station

The game is a projection of humanity and Earth (not yet in the game but in development) 900 years into the future. The man with the dream is Chris Roberts and instructs his team to create a game that he refers to as a “living, breathing…universe”.

SC will have persistence, game-play mechanics that other developers never dared to try i.e. physical cargo, health status with the ability to suffer a heart-attack and plenty more. The project makes use of new techniques and services, including Amazon Inc advanced server technology.

As A Star Citizen You Will…

  • Begin your journey in a space station (Port Olisar)
  • Look out the window and see players flying all sizes of ships
  • Find stores to buy ship upgrades and personal weapons
  • Request your own ship (central consoles)
  • Board your ship (hold F for interaction) and gasp at the interior
  • Crash a few times while your learn to fly
  • Maybe fly to a planet and fly through atmosphere
  • Realize there are no loading screens
  • You might land safely, tell me if you do
  • You might get shot on leaving your ship, tell me if you do
  • You will…have fun

Before I typed that list I was initially thinking, tell the people about Mining, Bounty-hunting, running cargo deliveries and mentioned all the other cool trades/careers in development.

The Prospector Ship – Just one of multiple ways to mine raw materials in Star Citizen

You won’t do all of that today though, you’ll do what most appreciative players do and spend precious minutes staring at the small details of ships i.e. the little warning decals, the scratches and dents on the more rugged ships, the busy looking cockpits and you may even get in and out of your pilot seat a few times just to watch the animations.

Explore More Tomorrow

The SC universe that has a scale of 1/5 including planets/moons. That can wait until tomorrow or even next week if it’s all a lot to take in – some players feel that way. Just focus on deciding if the game feels right for you. Press F1 and asborb what the game is suggesting through missions, a galaxy map, loadouts for your character and ship.

Then take it from there always remember that the game is in production, it is an alpha that is trying to impressive you but will sometimes the exciting Alpha 3.7 will annoy us all anyway.

Share Your Week In Star Citizen

I would like to know about your first week in Star Citizen – so do the developers. You can let me know in my own LOLinDark Discord server. If your still not convinced, read on and learn why I’ve begun to blog about Star Citizen after following the game since 2013!

Excitement of Alpha 3.7

Never did I type “Excitement of Alpha 3.6” and for good reason. Things have changed though and yesterdays complaints are cookies for trolls. As member of the games testing community, a group known as the Evocati and under official/legal NDA. I experienced, bug after bug, after bloody bug!

I signed-up for that and still found that some of the bugs made playing the game impossible. I decided to take a break and avoid spoiling the entire experience for myself. I don’t remember exactly what pulled me back into the game a few weeks back but I have been testing and submitting bug reports with joy ever since. The excitement of Alpha 3.7 is real and this is the right time for me to begin inviting big numbers into the game.

Roberts Space Industries

This game throws a lot of jargon in a players direction but it tells us how deep the game is and within the depth is something for everyone!

Roberts Space Industries (sharing it’s name with the games founder) is the first puzzling element your about to discover. Almost sounds like a whole other game or maybe it’s the company developing Star Citizen. Actually, it’s neither. RSI is a ship-productions corporation that exists within the universe (verse). There are many of these corporations but Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), the actual developers, has setup RSI as a real-life connection between in-game fantasy and reality.

Offical Website Logo “Roberts Space Industries”

This is one of many attempts to create an immersive experience and the games official website is not “” it is so now you see what I’m mentioning it. Try to absorb the effort being made by CIG and you will become immersed in a world where you can escape during weekends.

RSI even sends us a transaction receipt by real email when we purchase something using game-credits!

Squadron 42

Squadron 42 is the sister game of Star Citizen (you can see why I feel new players need a little early advice) which has to be purchased separated (wasn’t always the case) but unlike the online persistent universe, this is an offline single player campaign. A number of celebrities appear in SQ42 including American film actress Gillian Anderson, better known as Scully in the X-Files. She is looking fantastic at 51 and it is reflected by her in-game character.

Gillian Anderson American Film Actress in Squadron 42 by Cloud Imperium Games

The investment in Squadron 42 is a dream come true for the backers (like me and maybe you) who had to make an investment of faith first. SQ42 will be released before Star Citizen and in Q3 2020. Making this a great time to join the community actually.

Personal Thought: I try not to read too much about Squadron 42 but what we all know straight away is that our role in the game will be as a uniformed (like the one Gillian is sporting) member of the United Empire of Earth. Our UEE is the good against evil in SC and the organisations headquarters are in New York of Earth.

Again, Earth has not been released in the verse and I suspect it’s being held back for Squadron 42 release-impact.

Published by LOLinDark

The developer of the TwitchPress plugin created for streamers. I play Star Citizen to relax right now and I invite you to join me in what is one of the most epic games ever created.

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