Grand Theft Auto V Story-mode Complete

This is not a review…I repeat this is not a review!

I’ve just completed the story of Grand Theft Auto 5 and plan to make a similar post each time I finish a story based game. I really enjoyed the games story-mode but I feel I’ve grown out of all the other stuff or just grown-up. I’d like to buy GTA VI but it may need to have some innovation or game-play similar to what I’m going to describe in a moment.

In short it’s a thumbs up from me and I did only go through the story-line, doing the minimum requirements of the game i.e. not buying up the city, not buying the best cars and only upgrading my weapons really. I’m no longer into getting a tick in all the boxes (the addictive stuff) like I used to but for players who are, there must days worth of play after completing the story.

Mission Replay

I was tempted by the idea of replaying missions I just didn’t feel it was required to get my fun out of the game. Despite this I think the developers are onto something with this system that encourages players to aim for gold, actually I got a few bronze so could have replayed and got silver. I just didn’t see any reason to and that is a flaw which could be improved in future titles.

You can imaging how short my play-time has been if I settled for bronze and didn’t repeat anything. Most missions are very easy, completed first time, with silly accidents being the main cause of failing rather than enemy NPC. I must be an easy going player and I’m really for the next game.

Steam Rating Agreed

The Steam rating for GTA V is 9/10 which I can agree with. I was at 8/10 but considering the additional online experience and the amount of voice acting that has gone into the story (just something I appreciated). I felt it gets a point for those things combined but the game lacks a little innovation to get 10/10. I think it deserves 9/10 and for me the missing point is easy to explain.

I feel the story could have involved a longer climb to success – making the player raise funds and increase power. That could have involved controlling gang territories and increasing the number of foot soldiers available to take on enemies – rather than a small group of all-men (yes no woman). Instead the player uses a very small group to take out a very large number of security forces especially in the last couple of missions – it’s a bit too action-movie for me.

Instead the player could have had the requirement of generating more contacts through favors and accessing special resources by become friends of characters throughout the city, or the owner of locations in the city. Then we when the player feels ready, they can attempt a mission with the expectation of losing sub-characters, basically a realistic level of casualties on both sides of every fight. This approach could be delivered to the GTA community without losing the freedom or the option to play in a very relaxed way that gets bronze.

GTA Six Prediction

I believe if GTA VI allows the player to kill large numbers of security forces without hiring help that is carefully attained through smaller missions. Then it will not achieve 10/10. My idea would generate hours more play and give a reason to attain silver at least because the higher the achievement the more the player would unlock in the city.

All building up to final, harder missions.

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