Derek Smart…who the BEEP is Derek Smart?

If I had a list of names of the people I cannot stand, this idiot, Derek Smart would be in the top 20. His face appears in the information for Star Citizen, on Bing and I find it very annoying.

So why is that bad thing you might be wondering?

Mr Smart

Mr Smart, is the first person I came to view as a professional troll, some years back now. He is a person, who isn’t only presenting themselves a professional (he fails badly at that), but they use their position (resources, knowledge, contacts) to attack and go on an offensive that serves no obvious purpose. If he has an agenda, goals or dreams related to his activity in recent years. Then it is very likely that his motivation is emotional and not professional at all – unless he has serious issues with his moral-compass when it comes to furthering his career.

Derek is not a big stake-holder (if one at all) in Star Citizen (AAA game in development) or Cloud Imperium Games (the developing studio) and so an honest and acceptable source of motivation is missing…always has been. His activity has involved very publicly outspoken accusations that are slowly being disproved as the games development progresses. His activity, was so big that he was the talking point of the entire community for a long time.

Bing Search

Currently (June 2020) Google searches display a very official set of data for a Video game. The only names appearing, are staff, including Chris Roberts the original designer and Chairman. Bing, however, displays not only Chris Roberts, but some well known A class actors who appear in Squadron 42 (single player campaign and sister game to Star Citizen) and you guessed it…Derek Smart.

Star Citizen Related People in Bing searches June 2020

I admit that in a really crappy way, he is related to the games online data but he is not related to the game as a product or the business creating it or the team hired to create it. There is no professional connection between them other than court action.

Between September and October 2015, The Escapist magazine wrote a pair of highly controversial articles citing various sources who claimed that the project was in trouble.After Roberts wrote a scathing response to the articles, Cloud Imperium Games threatened the site and its owners with legal action which never materialized. In March 2017, Derek Smart wrote that both parties had settled the matter out of court.

So I have used the “Suggest an edit” feature on Bing, to point this out and see if it actually changes on the basis that when people search for a product or company. They aren’t looking for a history of legal action or expect to see distantly related people appear in the results. Then I thought, let’s blog it, blog my feelings about Bing searches mixing an almost not-connected person among A class celebrities who you probably respect and the Chairman.

As a developer I picture myself being in Chris Roberts shoes and having that prats face separate me from Gillian Anderson…come on it’s Gillian Anderson!

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The developer of the TwitchPress plugin created for streamers. I play Star Citizen to relax right now and I invite you to join me in what is one of the most epic games ever created.

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